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Let's Talk About Shoes

When looking for a new pair of shoes here are a few things to consider;


Our feet can change sizes as we get older so it’s important to get them measured before purchasing a pair of new shoes. A lot of shoes shops will offer this service free of charge if you ask.

Toe Cap

Look for a shoe with a deep toe cap - this will prevent those pesky corns on our toe joints. You should be able to wiggle your toes easily!


Choose a shoe with an adjustable fastening such as laces, velcro or a buckle. This will stop the shoe from moving around as well as accommodating any swelling of the feet they may occur during the day.


Try and choose a shoe with a heel no more than 4cm high and that is broad. Wedges are better than stilettos, but heels are fine when worn once in a while or for special occasions.


Try choosing a natural material such as leather or a breathable fabric to reduce sweating.

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